Truth About Religion on CNN

Jessie Ventura September 17th, 2012 Transcript  with Piers Morgan:

Above transcript: (Selected portions)

VENTURA:   Because most every war that happens on this planet is due to the fact of religion. One religion doesn’t like the way another religion worships God, so we’re going to kill you.

I love religion, you know, and I say that sarcastically.

MORGAN: I know. I thought —

VENTURA: And I say that because — I’ve openly admitted I’m an atheist.

MORGAN: I thought you said earlier that all wars were about oil and corporations.

MORGAN: They are, but they’re all religious based too.

MORGAN: They’re all about religion and oil and corporations?

VENTURA: Could be. Sure.


A few more words from Ventura’s interview:

“All right. All right, OK. Let’s take my lifetime. I was born post World War II, 1951. Now if you count the Cold War and the war on drugs, which the war on drugs is a war I lived four months of the year in Mexico, 20,000 Mexicans, I believe, died last year as a result of the war on drugs.”

“Do you realize we’ve been at war my entire life? My entire life. We have been at war. Is that the role of the United States? Perennial war? At war all the time?”– Jesse Ventura

Ventura completes this round of the debate with Morgan with a quote from the guitar legend, Jimmy Hendrix, “When the power of love overtakes the love of power, then we’ll have peace.”

It is evident that Ventura, in his demonstrative manner,  desires what most all other caring human beings desire… WORLD PEACE!  Nothing wrong with that, right?  What people judge, in Ventura, is his delivery of the message.  At this stage of the game we need to be more attentive to the truth/facts and not so invested on personality.

Here is Ventura’s interview with Morgan on video:

About beyondallreligion

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