“The way of nurturing life requires that one keep oneself as fluid and flexible as possible. One should learn how to exercise naturally, observing the fact that flowing water never stagnates and a busy door with active hinges never rusts or rots. Why? Because they exercise themselves perpetually and are almost always moving.”  — Sun Ssu-mo

“I came to see that movement is one of the great laws of life.

It is the primary medium of our aliveness,

the flow of energy going on in us like a river all the time,

awake or asleep, twenty-four hours a day.

Our movement is our behavior;

there is a direct connection between what we are like

 and how we move…

As people begin to move in their own way,

they are faced with feelings of surprise and delight

and often of anxiety and embarrassment.

Judgments, corrections and explanations are of no use.

It is their movement, and it happened just that way.

– Mary Whitehouse

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