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“Why should or would a woman be loyal to, or follow, or support a religion that is biased against her and all women in general?“ St. Bernard said, “It was easier for a man to bring the dead back to … Continue reading

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Women are NOT a Way to God

Ouch… are there people out there who really believe this, walking on this earth, roaming the streets in our neighborhoods and carrying such  sexist messages?  Seriously… “Women are not a channel to God”, states Jack Schaap (Pastor of First Baptist Church- … Continue reading

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Who was this?

WHO WAS THIS? Holes pierced in his feet … a hole in the top of one foot, just above the toes, where the nail was inserted in the act of crucifixion.  Savior __________ atoned for the sins of a grief-stricken … Continue reading

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I find it Interesting

I find it interesting: Currently in the news 3/4/11: : Brigham Young University’s star basketball player, Brandon Davies, is dismissed from the team for having premarital sex, but Brigham Young , who the University is named after, and who was … Continue reading

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